Woody at Film Forum (UPDATE)

Missed Woody Allen: A Documentary on the screen? The film is now available in the US on DVD, digital and On Demand.




Beware of Mr. Baker in Melbourne

Beware of Mr. Baker will be at the Melbourne International Film Festival!

Wild, cantankerous, and given to rock ‘n’ roll excess, Ginger Baker is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest drummers. Best known for his work with supergroups Cream and Blind Faith, Baker has also been credited with helping to bring Afrobeat and world music to the West.

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Emmy Noms for “Woody”

Woody Allen: A Documentary has been nominated for several Emmys. Director Robert Weide has been nominated for Outstanding Directing in the Non-Fiction Programming category and American Masters has been nominated in the Outstanding Non-Fiction Series category.





Press for Beware of Mr. Baker

The Press is out for Beware of Mr. Baker! Catch reviews and articles below as the film starts to roll out in theaters.


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SXSW BoMB Poster

Here is the Official SXSW Beware of Mr. Baker poster with a picture of Ginger from the 1970s. Carmine Appice says in the film that when a promoter booked Cream, “Ginger wanted a case of beer, two black hookers, and a white limo—or he wouldn’t play.”

Beware of Mr. Baker Interviews

Director Jay Bulger’s interviews on Rolling Stones and NPR.

“…Cream was just…one chapter in a long legacy of being on the forefront of musical experimentation…”



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“He might be an anti-hero. He might be an unlikable character, but you got to love a guy who cannot be destroyed.”



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“Beware of Mr. Baker” Reviews

“Beware of Mr. Baker” reviews in Variety, Hollywood Reporter and other press.



Hollywood Reporter


Paste Magazine

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The American Prospect  

Austin Chronicle 


PBS POV Article on “Beware of Mr. Baker”

“Beware Of Mr. Baker received the Grand Jury prize for best documentary at SXSW’s 2012 Film Festival last month. It’s an entertaining bio doc about Ginger Baker, perhaps best known as the jazz-rock drummer of the 60′s rock supergroups Cream and Blind Faith.”


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Filmmaker Magazine: “Five Questions with Director Jay Bulger”

“Early in Beware of Mr. Baker, director Jay Bulger admits that he was initially shocked to discover that his subject, legendary rock and roll drummer Ginger Baker, was still alive. With a resume that includes stints with Cream, Blind Faith, and Public Image Ltd, and a reputation for drug-addled excess, Baker seems both a relic of a bygone era and a likely candidate for ‘rock and roll casualty’ status.”
Filmmaker Magazine



Beware of Mr. Baker receives Grand Jury Prize

Beware of Mr. Baker has received the Grand Jury Prize for best documentary at the South by Southwest Film Festival!


NY Times Blog

Hollywood Reporter